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Social Media Audit

“Why are we getting no social media engagement on our pages, Gary? We need to do something about it”. That’s a conversation that I’ve heard numerous times (Gary was a made up name though) at small business conferences as business owners question their social media presence. The idea of ripping up the rulebook and starting again may not be something you want to do, so why not let someone else do it?

I’ve run social media audits for brands that include GAME, The Drum, and Phillips to name but a few. They wanted to know their current social standing in the industry; what are we not doing that our rivals are doing? These audits allowed them to either create their own social media strategies or, like in most cases, allow me to work with them to create a social media strategy for a variation of campaign objectives. So what would your social media audit look like?

Your social media audit would break down where your social media presence needs fine-tuning, what channels you should focus on, and most importantly, how you stack up compared to your competitors. Consider into an MOT for your social presence that throws in some potential upgrades for no added cost. Sounds good, doesn’t it.

You provide me with your competitors, both aspirational (the Coca Cola’s of the world) and realistic (companies of similar size to you in the same industry), so I can get to work on figuring out how your accounts should look.

The result of the audit will be a four-page report that includes the following:

What you will receive:

Breakdown of your social media channels.
Competitor analysis.
Ideas for future social media content.
If this sounds like something your and your company needs, then get in touch by using the form.

We Are Social

Adam is a rising star in the business. He came to present at a key We Are Social event and I can confidently say that his presentation was the funniest, most engaging and most insightful.

Tom Ollerton

Adam is extremely creative and fully understands the role social media needs to play in retail.

Nicole Burdett

Progress Wrestling

"Very hard worker, knowledgeable beyond expectation in his field, always ahead of the curve"

Jon Briley